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From Fitness Coach to Spiritual Mentor: Sam’s Journey to 7-Figures 

Ft. Sam Altieri

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How to Overcome Money Mindset Limitations and Hit 7-Figures

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Sam grew her Instagram to 40K+ organically.
  • The key differentiators between scaling to 6 figures vs. scaling to 7.
  • What you must do now to prepare yourself for scale.
  • The difference between group coaching and 1:1 and why she recommends starting with 1:1.
  • Powerful perspective to help you see your blind spots around money.
  • How her authenticity has evolved over the years.

Jump Ahead:

03:08 Not an overnight success.
06:30 Losing sense of self
10:58 Why she helps people go from great to amazing.
15:46 Scaling coaching business with groups.
19:00 Creating monthly recurring revenue.
28:35 Importance of authenticity in coaching.
37:09 Overcoming money mindset limitations.
40:32 Collective shadow around money.
53:34 Sam’s quantum leap in business.

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About Our Guest

Sam Altieri

Sam Altieri is a Spiritual Teacher, Business + Wealth Activator, Speaker, Podcast Host and Psychic Channel. She has created a 7 figure personal brand dedicated to liberating women into their wild feminine power and fullest expression online. Clients say one session with her is more powerful than 10 years of therapy and her programs are the most powerful business investment they’ve ever made. Her sense of humor paired with her fiery, activating energy will wake you up to your own greatness, leaving you with a desire for more.


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