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Leverage AI to Clone Yourself, Create Your Team, & Scale to 7-Figures

Ft. Christian Martin

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How to Use AI to Grow Your Busines to 7-Figures

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Christian turned coaching and consulting into a profitable education company.
  • Why being an early-adopter is often worth the risk.
  • What to identify in your business to properly leverage AI. 
  • Ai is the worst it will ever be - so don’t get left behind. 
  • How to use Ai and still keep your business intimate and personal. 
  • What roles will become obsolete because of AI. 
  • How to clone yourself as a coach to scale to 6 and 7 figures. 

Jump Ahead:

06:10 Creating digital assets as a coach.
09:33 Emergent qualities in marketing.
13:13 Working on the wrong things.
17:28 Solving the ‘trust equation.
24:29 How AI is democratizing production.
28:50 Innovative moats and competitive advantage.
32:29 Using AI for customer feedback analysis.
38:28 Defining AI copywriting constraints.
46:42 How to respond to the AI influencer wave coming.
51:58 AI copywriting app
55:26 AI, like money, act as an amplifier.
57:55 The future of coaching.

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About Our Guest

Christian Martin

Christian loves to win, whether it’s the collegiate nationals in snowboarding, figuring out how to escape the world of rush hour traffic and 9-5s to travel the world, or walking across the stage to get his first or next two-comma club award.

 After starting out cold calling coaches from a small apartment in South America, he grew to a multimillion-dollar education business before waking up one morning and realizing AI was about to change everything. On Dec 1st, 2022 he started one of the world’s first courses on how to use ChatGPT to grow your business and has been helping entrepreneurs win with AI ever since.

 He’s currently writing Smarter Than Einstein, a practical guide to the AI revolution. Learn more at

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