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How One Mom Turned Her Side Hustle Into a 7-Figure Success

Ft. Bre Cain

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Using Outsourcing and Mentorship to grow a 7-figure business 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to coach people one to two steps behind you.
  • Why mentorship is a must for growing to 7-figures.
  • Bre’s process for turning a side hustle into a scalable coaching biz.
  • How to create a big vision for yourself.
  • The necessary internal and external shifts required to prepare for prosperity.
  • When and what to outsource to support your business growth.

Jump Ahead:

03:29 - Internal and external changes needed to grow from a five-figure to a seven-figure coach.
03:53 - Bre shares her personal journey from corporate life to motherhood and the pivot to entrepreneurship.
05:06 -The financial pressures that led Bre to explore the virtual assistant industry.
06:21 - The pivotal moment when Bree decided to become a virtual assistant and quickly found success.
07:13 - Bre creates her coaching program, Mom to VA, and its rapid growth.
08:36 - The importance of focusing on personal transformation and simplifying business strategies for success.
09:44 - The myth is that you need to be many steps ahead to teach and coach effectively.
09:24 - Offer Suite Evolution: Bree explains how her business offerings evolved over time to meet the growing needs of her clients.
16:14 - The often-overlooked aspect of embodying the identity of a successful business owner.
17:45 - Transition from VA to Coach Bree shares how and why she transitioned from working as a VA to coaching others to become VAs.
19:33 - Advice on the right time to hire a VA and how it can benefit your business.
21:51 - How to overcome outsourcing fears
24:41 - Ideal tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant.
31:34 - Mentorship has played a crucial role in Bre’s business success and the importance of investing in guidance.
34:29 - Breaking Down High-Income Months
39:37 - Evergreen Enrollment Strategy: Bree explains her open enrollment model for her mastermind program and the benefits of this approach. 41:00 - Strategies for marketing a
12-month mastermind program in a market accustomed to shorter commitments. 43:35 - Empowering Message about trusting your own experience.

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About Our Guest

Bre Cain

Bre Cain is a mom of 3 young girls who believes the myth that motherhood comes at a sacrifice or cost is BS. She's on a mission to empower moms & women around the world that they CAN HAVE IT ALL. When she found herself knee deep in motherhood and wondering who TF she was, she found her way back by getting proudly selfish. (which made her a better + happier mom, btw). Bre helps moms launch, book out and scale their businesses using time, team, automation and funnel strategy without having to trade their hours for dollars. She's cracked the code on having it all in motherhood and she loves giving the keys to her students. Bre is a believer that the bigger you dream, everything along the way that you want becomes a by-product. You'll see Bre publish her book in 2024 and build multiple future 7-figure income streams.... because once you catch the "anything is possible" bug, well ... anything is possible!


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