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Ft. Mariah Butler

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How to Use the Vibrant Feminine to Light up Your Business

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to create a replicable system in your biz.
  • The universal roadblocks that every coach faces.
  • What types of support actually move the needle when you’re first starting out.
  • How to leverage sexual energy to create momentum in business.
  • The necessary steps to understanding your market and converting them into clients.
  • Why balancing the strategy and intuition in business will yield better results.

Jump Ahead:

04:25 - Mariah's Network Marketing Experience
05:55 - ClickFunnels Community and Feminine Business
09:00 - Balancing Masculine and Feminine in Business
10:45 - Taking a Hiatus and Personal Growth
11:45 - Returning to Coaching and Finding Alignment
14:33 - Applying Sexual Energy to Business Decisions
23:01 - The Value of One-on-One Mentorship
24:03 - Trying Different Business Strategies
26:52 - The Magic of Funnels for Client Acquisition
29:27 - Promoting Offers and Market Research

Connect with Mariah:

About Our Guest

Mariah Butler

Mariah is an intuitive business strategist who values freedom for the whole human, inside and out. She teaches spiritual entrepreneurs how to infuse their intuitive magic into their online business systems for easeful recurring revenue. Having mastered her proven 7-figure freedom method through her ‘taboo’ online tantra business with her husband, she now guides clients into the blissful prosperity they desire while staying nourished, balanced, and in flow in all areas of their life. Mariah catalyzes conscious businesses to make a greater impact through easeful gain and is lovingly known by her community as The Freedom Fairy 🧚🏼‍♀️


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