Embark on a soulful journey of spiritual growth and empowerment with our Master Spiritual Coach Certification program. Learn to guide individuals on their path to self-discovery, inner peace, and profound spiritual awakening, while expanding your own spiritual awareness and deepening your connection to the divine.

Become the most qualified in the industry with four full-length courses:

  • Spiritual Life Coach Certification
  • Shamanic Life Coach Certification
  • Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification
  • Goal Success Coach Certification
Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification
Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification
Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification
Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are on a spiritual quest, expanding your mind to possibilities and collecting various tools for your continued evolution. You are mindful and seek to live in alignment with your Higher Self, so you can live a meaningful life and make an impact.
  • You want to use what you learn to make a difference in people’s lives and you want to become a life coach but DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN or what you really need.
  • You want to improve your coaching skills, confidence and credibility but TRAINING is normally too EXPENSIVE and it takes too long.
  • You’re tired of playing small and want to create a thriving life coaching business but you don’t know how to MAKE MORE MONEY without feeling like a slave to your business.
  • You’re a therapist, speaker or other professional who wants to ADD LIFE COACHING TO YOUR SERVICES and need a crash course to get you up and running quickly.

If any of this resonates with you we’ve got GREAT news for you…

You are SO in the right place!

What if we told you that you could enroll in a coach training program that provides done-for-you life coaching packages that include EVERYTHING you need to start coaching right away?

A complete guide to guiding your clients to develop their spiritual gifts through Spiritual Development, Shamanic Wisdom, Law of Attraction and Yogic Principles.

What if you could have:

  • Proven, step-by-step life coaching processes and dozens of exercises and activities you can use to guide your clients to develop a spiritual practice, intuition, and alignment.
  • Short-cuts to knowledge of industry best practices, methodologies, and techniques that would take you months or even years of research and study and learn. (We’ve done the work, now you can benefit from it!)
  • PLUS get certified as a coach in 4 high-demand coaching niches (Spiritual Development, Shamanic Healing, Law of Attraction and Yoga), as well as receive the Master Spiritual Coach Certification.

Well, you can!

Our Master Spiritual Coach Certification (and niche certifications) offer you all of this and MORE!

And the best part is that you get insights from 5 incredible TEACHERS who share their wisdom from many years of personal and professional spiritual study.

The Master Spiritual program includes 4 complimentary and in-demand niche coaching certifications.

Spiritual Life Coach

Coach others into alignment and fulfillment through spiritual and intuitive development. Guide them to live a life of balance, connection & meaning! Learn proven strategies to add a spiritual dynamic to your coaching and business tools to elevate your life coaching business to the next level.

Learn More

Shamanic Life Coach

Infuse your coaching with Shamanic wisdom, tools, rituals and art projects, including animal totems, mantras, and meditations. Guide your clients to harmony and wellbeing using the 4 elements, chakras, sound healing, and the cycles of nature.

Learn More

Law of Attraction Life
Coach Certification:

Empower your clients to truly come alive, take back their personal power, and remember who they are by mastering their FOCUS and ALLOWING their success! Discover the secret to manifestation, affirmations, raising your vibration, abundance & happiness using LOA & psychology

Learn More

Yoga Life Coach

Guide your clients using ancient yogic wisdom adapted for modern culture. Use tools and processes for self-expression and self-care, including mantras, mudras, mala beads, the chakras, art projects, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, and gentle asana (poses).

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This course is accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)


IN THIS SELF-PACED VIRTUAL TRAINING PROGRAM we will personally walk you through everything you need to know and do in order to jump start your life coaching business!

  • Yes—that’s right—the courses are user-friendly and SELF-PACED, meaning you can complete them as fast or as slow as you want from the comfort of your own home (or Starbucks, or a neighbor’s house) and even in your pajamas!
  • Our programs are video-based and available 24 hours a day FOR LIFE, so you can access them any time from any device.
  • Downloadable workbook materials are included that you can print out in order to complete the activities (which are the best part of the program). You also get to USE THESE MATERIALS with your clients, as your own! Plus, professionally printed workbooks are available, too. 
  • The material is engaging and fun because we’re silly and like to have a good time! But, the videos can also be sped up if you want to take it all in and only have a short time to do it.
  • You get to join a community of like-minded coaching students to network and get feedback.
  • You will receive an official certification for each of the individual niche coaching certifications PLUS the Master Coach certification for each of the individual niche coaching certifications PLUS the Master Spiritual Coach certification when you’ve completed all 4 courses. You’ll also receive the official logos for each, which you can use in your marketing material however you wish.
  • You also receive a FREE listing in our coach directory!
  • h, and the fact that you’ll benefit from Transformation Academy's strong reputation in the coaching and personal development field, our psychology-based curriculums, and the proven, effective methodologies and techniques you’ll learn (which are the EXACT methods we’ve used for years)!

We’re sure you can already see the TREMENDOUS VALUE that we offer through our certification program…

But, if you consider that other coach certification programs cost THOUSANDS of dollars… take months (or years) to complete… aren’t as thorough… and often require continued membership payments to remain certified… then you can TRULY see the value!

We used to charge much, much more for this exact same program when we used to conduct the training in person ($2,000+ plus travel and lodging)... until we decided to offer a completely self-paced version that is ACCESSIBLE to everyone, no matter where you live or your financial situation! We believe in democratizing education and coaching!

Not to mention how much money, time and energy WE invested to gain mastery in these areas and how much time, money and headache this program will save you.



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We are so confident that this life coach training program will transform your coaching business that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason the program does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away! No explanation needed. No monkey business.

Give it a try…
Thousands of thriving, grateful students can’t be wrong! The only thing that we ask in return for this amazing deal is for you to truly apply what you have learned and then use it to transform the lives of those around you!

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