The Master Mindfulness Coach Certification empowers you to help clients effectively create lasting change and happiness by taking control of their mind, emotions and decisions. You'll learn a powerful blend of techniques and practices spanning psychology, intuition, spirituality, the chakras and more.

Become a well-rounded spiritual coach with four niche certifications:

  • Mindfulness Life Coach Certification
  • Meditation Life Coach Certification
  • Intuitive Development Life Coach Certification
  • Forgiveness Coach Certification
Master Mindfulness Life Coach Certification
Master Mindfulness Life Coach Certification

You could start fulfilling your potential sooner than you think.

Have you always felt a calling towards something greater? 

Are you passionate about helping people restore their well-being, reach their goals and improve their relationships through the power of their mind?

Are you fascinated by the intersection of psychology, spirituality and intuition in pursuit holistic growth?

If so, you're in the right place. 

Unlock a world of possibilities

Become the go-to expert for people
wanting to connect to their higher selves

Becoming a Master Mindfulness Life Coach means embarking on a soulful journey of empowering others to tap into the power of their mind, expand their consciousness, and live a life of purpose and divine alignment.

With a deep understanding of psychology, spirituality, intuition, healing modalities, chakras and more, the Master Mindfulness Life Coaches create transformative experiences for their clients across all stages of life.

If you're driven to guide others and foster growth then becoming a Master Mindfulness Life Coach could be your calling! 

Expertly Designed. Internationally Accredited.

All You Need to Become a Sought-After Coach

From core coaching methodologies to advanced techniques, you'll gain a deep understanding of the principles that drive successful, in-demand coaching.

Foundational Coaching Skills

From core coaching methodologies to advanced techniques, you'll gain a deep understanding of the principles that drive successful, in-demand coaching.

Advanced Niche Training

Take your coaching to the next level by becoming an expert in three complimentary niche certifications, each offering a complete coaching blueprint you can use to start coaching right away.

Complete Coaching Packages

Get a done-for-you system ready to use with your clients, complete with exactly what to do and say during sessions to help your clients achieve specific results and reach their goals.

Tools to Launch Your Business

Learn the ins and outs of what actually works when it comes to growing your life coaching business so you can start making money while making a difference.

No Pre-Requisites Required

Perfect for any coach -- whether you're just dipping your toes into coaching or are an industry veteran looking to level up your career.

100% Risk Free

Don't love what you're learning? Try it risk free for 30 days. We'll refund you every penny, no questions asked.

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This course is accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)

See why life coaches choose the Master Mindfulness Life Coach Certification over anything else.

Maximum Value. Lifelong Access. Unbeatably Priced.

What's Included In Your Program


Mindfulness Life Coach Certification

Learn the blueprint for helping your clients develop mindfulness and meditation practices in everyday life. This course includes a 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge curriculum that contains over 50 mindfulness exercises and meditations.

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Meditation Life Coach Certification

Whether your clients are working on restoring wellbeing, reaching goals, improving their relationships, or their own personal or spiritual growth, you will learn how to help them bring more awareness, mindfulness, clarity, peace, and confidence to their lives through meditation.

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Intuitive Development Life Coach Certification

For the seekers, the healers, the dreamers, and the doers, this intuitive development life coaching course is a melting pot of wisdom, techniques, and practices (including intuition, spirituality, the chakras, and more) meant to guide you while you explore the vast landscapes of human consciousness and intuitive abilities.

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Forgiveness Coach Certification

Help yourself and your clients free themselves from resentment, anger, guilt, perfectionism, self-sabotage, stress and unworthiness. Release old patterns and pains, set aside self-depricating dialogue and tap into happiness and freedom instead.

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  • Done-for-you coaching packages you can implement immediately
  • Premade templates, questionnaires, and coaching agreements
  • Downloadable workbook materials for each program
  • FREE listing in our coach directory
  • Official certification upon completion of each course
  • Official Master certification upon completion of the entire program
  • Access to a private community of like-minded coaches

Get LIFELONG access to ALL of these tools for only:


Your Certificaton Awaits You

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Meet Your Instructors

Emily Rivera

Teacher in Meditation Life Coach Certification

Emily Rivera is a national speaker, trainer, coach and intuitive practitioner. Emily guides students and clients to understand guidance and unlock the power of their personal intuition to better create the life of their dreams. Emily Rivera is also a certified Angel Healing Practioner and author on Angels Guidance who has dedicated her life to the serivice of sharing the messages, guidance, tools and love of Spirit.

Joeel & Natalie Rivera

Teacher in Mindfulness Life Coach Certification

Joeel and Natalie Rivera have been coaching, speaking, writing and teaching for more than a decade. Joeel is a former psychology professor with a Master's Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation on eudaemonic happiness for his Ph.D. in Psychology. They are the lead instructors at Transforamtion Academy.


Sanda Kruger

Teacher in Intuitive Development
Life Coach Certification

Sanda is an entrepreneur and a life + health coach trainer, specialized in manifestation techniques for success and abundance. With more than 15 years of experience working with students and clients, as well as her own personal transformation, Sanda offers applied knowledge and practical steps for mindset and behavioral changes.


Sheri Rosenthal

Teacher in Forgiveness
Life Coach Certification

Dr. Sheri Rosenthal is a business coach, spiritual teacher, international retreat leader and New York Times best-selling author of “The Four Agreements.” Sheri has published 3 books on personal development, and is currently a transformational business coach and the owner of Wanderlust Entrepreneur and Journeys of the Spirit Travel.

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Ready to become a Certified
Master Mindfulness Coach?

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Transformation Academy's Certified Master Mindfulness Life Coach Program offers everything you need to know to be a confident, trusted, and ethical coach at a fraction of the cost of other coaching programs.

Don't put off your dreams of becoming a coach any longer! Start your training today!


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